Take control.

Your emotions. Your happiness.

Your emotions. Your happiness.

Make the shift

   Headphones on

   Select desired state of mind

   Experience Vital for 5 to 15 minutes

   Enjoy the Shift and sense of control

How it works

Vital’s Neuroguided™ breakthrough technology uses clinically proven, real-time brain monitoring and feedback to improve your state of mind.

Vital science produces a deep relaxed state, reduces stress, improves sleep, enhances focus, increases energy, and simply makes you feel happier.

Vital solves the problem

Our brains have not evolved to match changes in technology, society and lifestyle — causing stress, anxiety, or worse.

Typical coping mechanisms have significant side effects (alcohol, food, prescription drugs, isolation).

Vital creates a shift
to a full state-of-mind spectrum


Vital stories

“I escaped into a peaceful experience of pure and amazing sonance. And after my session, I was left feeling relaxed, refreshed and alert—better than my sleep the night before! These headphones are a must for living in LA!”


“Blown away by Vital Neuro. I was able to tap into that floaty-focused feeling very quickly and sustain it for a majority of the time. I could easily see myself using this in my daily meditation and exponentially improving my practice.”


“I struggle with finding any kind of a release—my massage therapist could tell you that—but I walk away from the Vital experience feeling relaxed, not like I’m ready to go to sleep, but a reset and recharge, actually being energized to have my cup full, to be able to give what I need to my students and to my family.”


“After about 5 minutes my body felt a coolness while my head felt warmth and floaty—almost like I was drifting in clouds. Afterward I felt relaxed on a cellular level, far more than CBD or supplement use. That night I slept soundly, deeply and stayed asleep. I woke up feeling refreshed with a clear mind. I’m hooked. It’s the closest to peace I’ve felt as far back as I can remember.”


Vital team

John Golden
CEO, Investor
C-Suite executive for Fortune 500, proven creating & growing business opportunities as entreprenuer, @AT&T, @CNA, @EXOS, Telecom, Financial Services, Health and Fitness
Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, PhD
CSO, Founder
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Neuroscientist with 25+ years of clinical experience and research, Pioneer of the EEG Bluetooth Amplifier, Clinical Instructor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.
Alex Doman
CPO, Founder
Founder of Tech In-home Brain training Co: Advanced Brain Technologies, author of bestseller Healing at the Speed of Sound, Music producer, podcast host, and TEDx speaker, 3rd generation pioneer in improving brain performance.

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Your emotions. Your happiness.