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You are Vital.

Introducing Vital Neuro.

In our fast-paced world, everyone needs support to keep up. Vital can swiftly help guide your mindset towards relaxation, clarity, focus, or better sleep.

Upgrade your Human OS.

Vital Neuro offers innovative access to the proven benefits of neurofeedback.

Our sleek, comfortable headphones and simple interactive app help you change your mind for the better.

Sleep should be restorative, not a stressor.

Residual stress and anxiety from your day release cortisol, hindering relaxation for restful sleep. Vital sessions train your brain for a calm pre-sleep state, enhancing sleep quality.

Focus in a world of distraction.

Just one five-minute Vital session can help you train your brain for focus, clarity, and a calm yet engaged state, ready to tackle daily tasks and life's challenges.

Relax. Reset. Re-engage.

Ideal for between meetings, commutes, or quick resets, a Vital session helps you self-regulate, promoting relaxation and shifting from stress mode. With Vital headphones, experience instant transformation anywhere.

Optimize performance. Start with your mind.

Vital sessions enhance memory, planning, organization, reasoning, and impulse control, sharpening executive functioning and emotional regulation.

Meditate at the next level.

Meditation calms your body, mind, and nervous system. Vital goes further with real-time neuroresponsive music, enhancing meditation's benefits through proven science.
The power of Neuroguided Performance Training - NPT

How Vital Works

A Vital session is transformative, empowering, and cumulative.

Envision smart headphones that track your brain's health, like a fitness tracker does for your body. Vital uses mobile EEG technology to tailor music sessions to your mental needs—sleep, focus, relax, or meditate. Just wear, select, and in five minutes, anywhere, anytime, improve your mindset with Vital.JOIN OUR WAITLIST
It worked for them. See how it can work for you.

Case Studies

This group of First Responders experienced 44.1% decrease in anxiety.

Over six-weeks, these Nurses saw a 42.7% drop in depression.

Flight attendants benefited from a 58.1% increase in sleep quality.

How does it feel to be Vital? Hear from Kammi and Charles how they feel about the Vital experience.

Neuroguided Performance Training for a more Vital lifestyle.

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