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Harness the power of Responsive Audio for peak mental performance, clarity, and calm.

Groundbreaking Technology

Unlock the potential of your mind with our cutting-edge neurofeedback technology. Discover how Vital Neuro’s real-time EEG monitoring and neuroresponsive music can enhance your mental performance and well-being.

Our Science

Fits Any Routine

Integrate Vital Neuro effortlessly into any routine and elevate your mental fitness. Whether you’re starting your day, at work, meditating, or unwinding, our neurofeedback technology adapts to your lifestyle.

Why Vital?

The Vital experience

Restore balance, regain control, and transform each moment into an opportunity for enhanced well-being. Vital seamlessly integrates Responsive Music and Video, amplifying the benefits of traditional focus and relaxation techniques with the precision of proven science.

What people like you are saying about Vital

Restore balance. Regain control. Everyday.

Vital offers an innovative "closed-loop" neuroresponsive system. Our comfortable headphones and user-friendly app can help you change your mind for the better. Even just a five-minute session is transformative and empowering.

Strategic EEG Placement

Our precision in sensor placement ensures comprehensive monitoring of crucial brain areas, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of real-time feedback.

Responsive Audio

Our patented technology uniquely shapes your mental state with real-time adaptive music, guiding you into the optimal ‘zone’ for peak cognitive performance.

Brain Vitality Index (BVI)

BVI offers customized neurofeedback by continuously tracking and adapting to each user’s distinct brain state, fostering the creation of new neural pathways.

“In the Zone” Threshold

Dynamic, real-time neuro-training by analyzing 250 data points per second to tailor experiences to individual brain activity, guiding users to peak mental states with Responsive Audio.

Responsive Music

Experience the transformative power of Vital Neuro’s advanced Responsive Music (neuroresponsive audio). Our patented technology adjusts music in real-time, shaping sessions uniquely to your mind state, ensuring you’ll never hear the same soundscape twice.

We all respond to music.
Now, music
can respond to us.

  • Relax

    Perfect for stress reduction and anytime you need a “reset”. A Relax session is ideal at any time of the day to train your brain to self-regulate with deep, refreshing relaxation, shifting you away from the ‘flight or fight’ response and into a ‘rest and restore’ mode.

  • Focus

    The amount of daily stimulus and distraction can be overwhelming. But with just one Vital session, you can train your brain to pay attention and be engaged. Experience a calm, clear, focused flow state - ready to face daily tasks head-on. Immediately feel the transformation wherever you are.

  • Meditate

    Meditation calms your body, mind, and nervous system. Vital goes further with Responsive Audio (neuroresponsive music), enhancing meditation’s benefits through proven science.

  • Sleep

    Residual stress from your day can elevate cortisol, making it hard to relax and prepare for sleep. It’s crucial to calm the brain’s activity to achieve deeper, quality sleep. A Vital session assists in transitioning your brain into a pre-sleep state, fostering restful and rejuvenating sleep.

  • Optimize

    We could all use help enhancing our memory, planning, organization, reasoning, and impulse control. Vital sessions sharpen executive functioning and emotional regulation. Fine-tune your mental agility, clarity, and responsiveness by simply incorporating Vital into your daily life.

Patented technology.
Easy to use anywhere, anytime, everyday.

Strategic EEG Placement

Vital Neuro's sensor placement targets essential brain regions, ensuring precise monitoring and customized feedback for effective, data-driven brain training.

Aluminum Frame

Crafted from high-grade aluminum, the device's frame balances robustness with elegance, providing a durable and stylish enclosure for the cutting-edge technology within.

Gold Plated EEG Sensors

Gold-plated sensors enhance conductivity and precision, ensuring superior data quality and responsiveness in capturing brainwave activity.

Our innovative, wearable, and mobile patented technology brings clinical-grade EEG out of the clinics and into people’s everyday lives.

Discover the Power of Vital Neuro

Innovation backed by
proven science

Our six-week trials have been a remarkable success. We have facilitated over 50,000 Vital sessions with individuals in caregiving, teaching, and high-stress professions such as nursing, military service, and emergency response. The self-reported improvements observed in feelings of anxiousness, sleep quality, concentration, and energy levels are truly motivating. For a comprehensive exploration of these results, download our case study white papers below.

How the Vital sensors work



  • Alertness
  • Ready to pay attention
  • Awareness
  • Regulation of body sensations
  • Clear heeded
  • Calm centered



  • Executive function
  • Working memory
  • Planning & organization
  • Reasoning & judgement
  • Impulse control
  • Emotional regulation



  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Self-regulation
  • “Fight or flight” deactivation
  • Residence



  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced insomnia
  • Enhanced sleep duration
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhanced cognitive function



  • Deeper state of conciousness
  • Exploration of mind
  • Perception of well-being
  • Brighter mood
  • Better sense of mind mastery
  • Feeling of inner peace

Get empowered. Get Vital.

More people than ever are discovering ways to enhance their mental fitness, paralleling the care they take for physical wellness. Become part of this growing community - remember, your wellbeing is essential. YOU ARE VITAL.



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Since using Vital, falling and staying asleep has improved. And when I do wake during the night, doing a a session helps me to go back to sleep, or at least calm my racing mind and thoughts.


Critical Care Nurse

Having a healthy mind is the key to managing stress, feelings of anxiousness, and days where I'm not feeling my best. I have a long way to go, but I know that the way I feel when I use Vital is so much better than my typical mental space.


Registered Nurse

Vital Neuro's music-based app and headset are a welcome addition to the space.  The form factor, combined with discrete EEG sensors and personalized music content, sets them apart from others in this space.

Walter Greenleaf

Neuroscientist, Virtual Reality and Digital Health Expert Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab

I'm really impressed seeing how Vital can help calm my mind, mood, and thoughts, especially after working a long, busy, stressful shift.


Physician Assistant

Protocols developed over



Vital’s approach is deeply rooted in scientific validation, drawing from the insights of over 75,000+ sessions and bolstered by an impressive dataset of over 800,000 minutes. This substantial body of evidence not only attests to the effectiveness of Vital’s protocols but, ensures that every user benefits from a rigorously optimized tool for mental resilience & cognitive performance.

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Peak Mental Performance with Vital Neuro

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