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About Vital Neuro

We empower people to restore balance and regain control of their daily life.

The Vital mission

While technology and hyperconnectivity have always been a double-edged sword, the last couple of years have cut deeper than ever.

We’re feeling overwhelmed. Distracted. And stress seems ever present. Despite being so connected online, a lot of us are lonelier than ever.

We all feel it.

But we don’t have to accept this as inevitable. Because while this may be the way things are, it’s not how it has to be.

We believe resilience will prevail.

And that the flexibility, adaptability, and creativity of the human brain are our greatest resources.

At Vital, we empower people to restore balance and regain control of their daily life.

Our mission is clear

We empower people to be in control, focused, & present in their lives.

Yes, we use technology and innovation to do so. But it is the vessel, not the voyage. In fact, while our technology will evolve, our mission will not waver. Join us on this journey to reclaim authentic connection, self-control, and well-being.

Join us today!

Responsive audio:

The Vital difference

We all respond to music.

And now, music can respond to us.

Our patented neuroresponsive music customizes your audio experience in real-time in each unique session. Our Vitalized music quickly and effectively takes you to your desired state of mind, unlocking the power to be the best version of yourself. Please see our page The Science of Vital Neuro for details about this and our unique Neuroguided Performance Training (NPT).

Our technology is unlike anything in the industry, and it works.

Our Vital Beliefs.

Test, learn, apply.

Be focused. Be flexible. Be faster.

Be a Game Changer.

Where there is a will, be creative about the way.

Positive customer outcomes are non-negotiable.

Our mission is not just written for the website, it’s the core of our business. It’s why we do what we do.

Enjoy the ride.

There’s only one!

Always deliver.

Say what you can do. Do what you say.

Trust in Trust.

Trust in capability and trust in motive.

The Vital Team



John is an accomplished leader known for innovating and scaling top companies and startups. Significantly advancing products and technology, John directed Exos' shift to enterprise and led initiatives at Core Performance and CNA. With key roles at AT&T and Verizon and board service, he is also a devoted father and avid outdoorsman. Notably, he appeared in a Discovery Channel documentary about climbing Mt. Everest after knee replacement surgery.



With over 20 years in neurophysiology and health psychology, Kamran links research and clinical practice. Published in leading journals and recognized by Fast Company and National Geographic, he's skilled in neurotechnology and neuromodulation, improving mood and cognition. Kamran contributes to Vital Neuro and the Brain Resource Center and educates in clinical psychology at Mt. Sinai West's Psychiatry Department.



Jen, a data analytics veteran with 20 years of experience, propels growth in the human performance and health sectors through strategic insights. Expert in data strategy and advanced analytics, she leads teams to tackle complex challenges, delivering significant outcomes and fostering a culture of innovation and data-driven decision making.



Alex is an entrepreneur with 25 years in neurotechnology and a lineage of brain performance pioneers is a founder of Advanced Brain Technologies and Sleep Genius. A bestselling author, psychoacoustic music producer, and TEDx speaker, he's dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential and become their best selves.

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