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Welcome to Vital Neuro

We’re excited to help you on your journey to change your mind for the better. Let’s explore how you can relax, improve concentration, sharpen focus, meditate, or get ready for a good night’s rest.

Quick Start Guide

watch "quick start" video

1. Charge your headphones.

Use the included USB 'Type-C' charging cable to charge your headphones.
A full charge provides approximately 8 hours of operation.

2. Download the Vital Neuro app.

Install the Vital Neuro App from the App Store and log in.
download from the app store

3. Power on and connect.

Locate the Power button on the bottom of the right ear cup.
Press and hold it for 3 seconds to turn on the headphones and enter pairing mode.
Select Settings on your iOS device and verify Bluetooth is turned on. 
In the Devices section, select the Vital Headphones, they will appear as “VN-XXXXXX”.
You should hear “Connected” when successfully paired. 

4. Properly position headphones.

Secure the top and center of the headphones on your head, aligning L and R with your ears.
Ensure the sensor 'prongs' contact your scalp, mindful not to be too far forward or too far back. Part hair if needed.
Sweep back any hair around your ears so ear-cup sensors contact the skin. 
Adjust the headband for size and comfort.
Refer to the Quick Start Video for a demonstration.

5. Start your session.

Open the Vital Neuro app.
Select your desired Mode: Relax, Focus, Optimize, Meditate, or Sleep.
Choose a Session within the desired Mode. Sessions vary in music and length ranging anywhere from five to thirty minutes, depending on your schedule. Tip: the longer the session, the greater the benefit.
Enjoy your Session!
Receive a Summary giving you feedback on your Session.






Feeling distracted? Need to concentrate?

Vital’s center sensor is activated, with an orientation toward open, calm, and mindful attention—ready to engage with sensory information. Neuroscientists refer to this as a calm focus, or being in a state of flow. You’ll feel ready to pay attention, prepared to be at task in the moment, alert, aware of and better able to regulate body sensations, clear headed, and calm centered.

Get primed for interactions, meetings, presentations, sports, workouts, activities, and artistic expression.

Vital’s front sensor is activated in the brain area that controls executive function and movement—your brain’s management system. Expect to see improvement in working memory, planning, organization, reasoning, judgment, impulse control, and emotional regulation. You’ll feel ready to go, optimized to best perform for yourself, your family, in your career, and your community.

When you're feeling stressed, anxious, or just need a peaceful break to reset and restore.

Vital’s rear sensor is activated, and your internal world is fully engaged for deeper states, and unconscious processing. There’s an almost immediate physiological shift from fight or flight into rest, relax and restore. Ideal any time throughout the day for resilience, self-regulation, deep relaxation and immersive meditation. Feel your stress level drop dramatically, and your sleep improve.

Practice a daily habit shared by over three quarters of the world's most successful people. 

Vital’s rear sensor is activated for delving deeper into a state of meditation. Begin an exploration of your mind and your deeper states of consciousness. Become more agile in the face of distressing thoughts. Achieve a greater sense of mastery of your mind, and a perception of general well-being, brighter mood, and a stronger feeling of inner peace. Reduce anxiety and better manage high stress.

Falling asleep shouldn't be the most stressful part of the day.

Residual stress and anxiety from your day release cortisol, hindering relaxation for restful sleep. Vital's rear sensor is activated to help train your brain for a calm pre-sleep state, enhancing sleep quality.

Understanding Your Session

watch "scorecard" video

Being in "The Zone"

Reading Your Scorecard

What is Time-in-the-Zone?

Understanding Peak Shift

Your Lifetime in Zone

During a Session, as you observe the EEG signal and the session screen, listen for the reward feedback tones. These tones signal that you've surpassed the brain-training threshold. When you're 'In the Zone,' the progress tracking display appears green; when 'Out of the Zone,' it's white. The motion-visual feedback freezes when you're 'Out of the Zone' and resumes when you're 'In the Zone.' Focus on the audio reward tones, which also start and stop, while paying attention to your internal state and deeply relaxing.
After your session, reflect on the sensations without judgment. Explore what you can learn from your Scorecard results.
At the end of each Vital session, your Scorecard appears. The top dial shows your overall Vital Score, a measure combining 'Time-In-Zone' results and 'Peak Shift' effort on a scale of 0-20. This score reflects your progress and performance in achieving your desired mental state during the session. Longer sessions result in higher scores. You can watch the 'Scorecard Video' below to learn more about the session results.
This score represents the accumulation of time spent above the training threshold during your session, indicating deeper relaxation, increased focus, or optimized cognition. On average, people spend 5-7 minutes 'In the Zone' during a 10-minute session, with longer sessions leading to reduced stress, improved mood, and better sleep.
Peak Shift measures the most significant change from your session's baseline, highlighting your training effort. It identifies the furthest push you made beyond your session average, similar to the fastest lap in a race or the most impactful moment in a performance.
Regular use of Vital Neuro rewires your brain, creating positive patterns that enhance emotional control and mental well-being. Consistency and cumulative benefits are key. The Scorecard tracks your ongoing 'Time in Zone,' which accumulates as you shift into desired states of mind.

The Proven Science Behind Vital

Brain Health
Our brain is capable of changing and rewiring its neural dynamics when provided with accurate and intuitive information about its real-time neuronal functioning. This rewiring and adaptation adhere to principles of operant conditioning and brain plasticity.
Leading The Movement
Vital scientists are technology innovators with decades of experience in neuroscience research, clinical practice, psychoacoustics, neuroscience-based music, and visual feedback. They have combined their expertise to create a cutting-edge neuro-sensing headphone designed to reinforce healthy brain patterns. Paired with the Vital App, these technologies can guide you into states of relaxation, meditation, focused calmness, and optimal brain function.
How Vital Sessions Work
Vital's brain monitoring starts from your current brain state and guides your mind toward the desired peak state using real-time adaptive and neuroresponsive music. The effects are long-lasting and accumulate over time. Vital Neuro exclusively features original music composed, engineered, and produced under neuroscience-based guidance by Vital's talented composers and musicians.
The Vital Neuro App, in conjunction with Vital Headphones, is the only real-time, personalized, Neuroguided Perfomance Training (NPT®) that empowers you to learn control of your emotions, state of mind, and overall happiness.
How the Vital Sensor Bar Works
Proprietary curve with spring-loaded sensors for a universal fit on most head shapes and hair variations.
EEG sensor placement in brain regions responsible for desired outcomes.
Targeted zones for deep relaxation, enhanced focus, and optimized performance. 
Real-time monitoring of brainwave activity in milliseconds.

Key Features of Vital

Vital's neuro sensing headphones track your changing brain state and adapt their feedback to enhance your brain's innate learning, reorganizing, and optimizing abilities, resulting in a personalized experience.
Each Vital session captures 250 data points per second, creating a dynamic experience based on real-time neuro-training algorithms. This promotes maximum brain stability, flexibility, and optimization for each targeted state.
The Vital experience goes beyond immediate benefits like relaxation or focus. Through neuroplasticity, each session rewires your brain for optimization, similar to learning a motor skill. Your brain develops new and stronger neuropathways with each Vital session.
Vital offers an entertaining experience, utilizing advanced audio-visual elements to guide your brain into your desired state without feeling like work.
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