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The unique power of
Vital Neuro’s technology

Vital Neuro’s pioneering technology is a mobile, EEG-based neurofeedback system designed to monitor, interpret, and respond to the intricate symphony of your brain waves, in real-time.

By focusing on key frequencies such as Alpha for relaxation and Beta for alertness, Vital Neuro tailors the neurofeedback experience to what's happening in your brain, in real-time. Enhanced by neuroresponisve music, this approach not only personalizes effect but also makes the journey towards mental wellness enjoyable, engaging, and effective.

Strategic EEG
placement with clinical
grade capture

Our precision in sensor placement ensures comprehensive monitoring of crucial brain areas, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of real-time feedback. This makes our clinical-grade EEG mobile and wearable, increasing the reach and frequency of access to this unique technology.

Gold-plated EEG Sensors

  • Enhances conductivity and precision
  • Ensures superior data quality
  • More responsive in capturing accurate brainwave activity

Experience the transformative power of personalized neurofeedback with our advanced Responsive Audio. Neuroresponisve soundscapes adjust in real-time to adapt to your desired mind state.

  • Never hear the soundscape twice
  • Patented psychoacoustic technology
  • More than just music and brain monitoring, this is a dynamic, real-time responsive system
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The Brain Vitality Index (BVI) is a metric used in Vital Neuro sessions to measure and enhance mental states like relaxation, focus, and concentration. It utilizes neurofeedback to assess brain activity, guiding you to your desired cognitive state through tailored neuroresponsive music.

  • Measurement Tool: The Brain Vitality Index (BVI) quantifies specific cognitive states such as relaxation, focus, and concentration during sessions
  • Neuroresponsive Integration: BVI uses real-time brain activity data to optimize the neurofeedback process, enhancing mental fitness
  • Personalized Sessions: Tailors the neuroresponsive audio experience to guide users effectively toward their desired mental state

If you're out of the zone, it means you're distracted.

Often, just bringing awareness to your concentration and taking a few deep breaths helps you get back in the zone. During a Vital Neuro session, "in the zone" describes a state where you achieve deep focus or relaxation. The app's neuroresponsive music dynamically adjusts to your brain's activity, enhancing your desired mental state through customized responisve audio soundscapes, tones, and immersive visuals.

You can feel the relaxing, focusing, and calming benefits from Vital sessions. I visualize my sessions even when I feel I am getting close to a stressful situation.”


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The Vital

Transform each moment into an opportunity for enhanced mental performance and well-being. Vital’s app seamlessly provides Responsive Audio and immersive visuals, amplifying the benefits of traditional focus and relaxation techniques with the precision of proven science.

*iOS Only at This Time.
  • Intuitive Use

    Vital Neuro's intuitive design simplifies and mobilizes clinical-grade neurofeedback, allowing users to easily select and customize their mental wellness sessions through a straightforward app interface, enhancing user experience and engagement

  • Responsive Audio

    Vital Neuro's Responsive Audio adapts in real-time to your brain activity, using neurofeedback to craft soundscapes that enhance focus, relaxation, and mental clarity, maximizing the effectiveness of each session

  • Adaptive Sessions

    Vital Neuro personalizes each session by adapting its neuroresponsive audio in real-time to your current brain activity, ensuring the audio dynamically aligns with your mental state for optimal effectiveness

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